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Top 10 Blockchain Development Company in Ontario

Blockchain Development Company in Ontario

Did you know spending on blockchain tech in Ontario, Canada, is set to soar? It’s going from $3 billion in 2020 to around $40 billion by 2025. That’s a big jump! Building blockchain in Canada means creating safe, transparent networks for transactions that can’t be altered.

But it’s not just about banking. This tech is changing healthcare, shipping, and more. In Ontario, companies making blockchain tech are at the forefront. Here are five leading ones:

  • Webisoft
  • Datarockets
  • Local SEO Search
  • Exilion Technologies Inc.
  • Canadian Software Agency Inc

But that’s not all. There are plenty more excellent companies in Ontario on our blockchain company list.

However, in this guide to blockchain development company in Ontario, we’ll show the details of the best blockchain companies. So, keep reading!


Quick List of Blockchain Development Company in Ontario

A short list of blockchain companies in Ontario is given below:

  • Webisoft excels in making blockchain solutions personalized to different business needs.
  • Datarockets builds custom software quickly, including blockchain, with a focus on detail.
  • Local SEO Search uses blockchain to increase online marketing and search rankings.
  • Exilion Technologies Inc is known for creating secure and scalable blockchain systems.
  • Canadian Software Agency Inc. focuses on secure digital transactions using blockchain.
  • Hilo Labs makes blockchain tech easy to use for everyone.
  • Roonyx develops blockchain solutions that help businesses grow efficiently.
  • Synergo Group creates custom blockchain apps for specific industry needs.
  • Technorely Inc. specializes in blockchain for healthcare and finance, protecting data.
  • Roobinium is excellent at building decentralized apps with blockchain.

3 Best Blockchain Companies in Ontario: Comparison Chart

When picking a blockchain company in Ontario, you’ll want to look at what they’re good at, who they usually work with, and how creative they are. We’ve put together a quick chart comparing three of the top picks: Webisoft, Datarockets, and Exilion Technologies Inc.

However, now take a look at the top blockchain technology companies in Ontario:

CompanyWhat They Do BestWho They Work WithHow Creative They Are
WebisoftMaking blockchain solutions that fit your needsAll kinds of businessesVery creative
DatarocketsBuilding custom software, including blockchain stuffTech companies and startupsPretty creative
Exilion Technologies IncCreating safe and big-scale blockchain systemsFinance and healthcare sectorsVery creative

Top 3 Blockchain Companies in Ontario

The top 3 blockchain companies in Ontario are:

1. Webisoft


Webisoft started making waves in the tech world in 2016 by creating web and mobile apps that people love to use. We didn’t just stop there as we are one of the top blockchain company in Ontario. Rather, we also got really good at using blockchain technology, which makes things more secure and efficient.

With a team of over 50 experts, Webisoft works with businesses from all sorts of industries to turn their ideas into something real and useful. We’re all about making sure that what we build not only works well but also looks good and is easy for everyone to use. Over the years, we’ve completed a lot of blockchain development projects that show just how creative and tech-savvy we are.

About Webisoft

  • Found date: 2016
  • Address: 460 Saint-Catherine, W. #305, Montreal
  • Company Size: 11 – 50 Employees
  • Contact: +1 514 – 874 – 3224
  •  Email: info@Webisoft.com

Features of Webisoft

Webisoft specializes in developing innovative software solutions. We offer a wide range of services from custom software development to blockchain technology implementation. The key features of Webisoft are:

Custom Application Development

Webisoft is great at making apps that fit exactly what you need. We make sure the app works well and looks good so your business can stand out online.

Blockchain Expertise

We’re really into blockchain, which is an intelligent way to keep your data safe and make things run smoother. This makes us stand out as experts in a pretty specialized area.

User-Centric Design

Webisoft puts a lot of effort into making sure your software is easy and fun to use. We believe that a good app should not only do its job but also be enjoyable to interact with.

Agile Methodology

We’re flexible and can adjust to changes fast, which is really important when we’re working on a project. This means we can keep making your software/app better even while they’re building it.


  • They build apps that are just right for your business.
  • Using blockchain platforms means your data is extra secure.
  • Their apps are easy and enjoyable to use.
  • They’re good at adjusting things as they go to make sure the app turns out great.


  • Project costs are expensive
  • Small startups might find them a bit out of reach

2. Datarockets


Datarockets started its journey in 2014, quickly establishing itself as a important part in custom software development. Specializing in web and mobile applications, they’ve dedicated themselves to serving startups and mid-sized businesses.

However, their approach is highly personalized, focusing on creating solutions that precisely meet client needs.

With a record of more than 100 successful projects, Datarockets stands out for its collaborative ethos and technical prowess. This blockchain technology company in Ontario and their team are compact. They span 50+ skilled professionals committed to delivering excellence.

About Datarockets

  • Found date: 2014
  • Address: 150 King St W, Toronto, ON M5H 1J9, Canada
  • Company Size: 11 – 50 
  • Contact: 647-915-2992 

Features of Datarockets

Datarockets focuses on creating custom web and mobile applications, priding themselves on their flexible, client-centric development process. They excel in delivering projects that require a deep understanding of technology and user experience. However, the significant features of Datarockets are:

Custom Development

They create software that fits your business like a glove. Every web and mobile app is crafted to address specific challenges and goals. This personalized approach ensures your solution is as unique as your business.

Agile Approach

Flexibility and efficiency are at the heart of their process. By adopting agile methodologies, Datarockets adapts to changes swiftly, keeping projects on track and within scope. This method increases continuous improvement and results in higher-quality outcomes.

Client Collaboration

Your input is vital to the project’s success. Datarockets values close collaboration, inviting feedback and ideas throughout the development cycle. This partnership ensures the final product aligns perfectly with your vision and expectations.

Tech Expertise

The team’s skill set is both broad and deep. They’re well-versed in the latest technologies, programming languages, and frameworks. This expertise allows them to tackle complex challenges and deliver cutting-edge solutions.


  • Customized solutions enhance business operations.
  • Agile methods ensure project flexibility.
  • Strong collaboration increases custom-made outcomes.
  • The expert team delivers technological excellence.


  • Focuses mainly on smaller to mid-sized projects.
  • Time zone differences might require adjustment for global clients.

3. Exilion Technologies Inc

Exilion Technologies Inc

Exilion Technologies Inc. started in 2008 and quickly made a name for itself. They focus on creating tech solutions like software and cloud services and keeping data safe.

Furthermore, they’ve built a team of more than 100 people who are really good at what they do. Their team helps businesses in finance, healthcare, and retail to do better with the help of technology.

However, they’re based in a place that’s known for tech, making them even more connected to the latest in the field. Exilion Technologies is all about making sure they give you precisely what your business needs to grow and protect it from online threats. In short, it makes blockchain use in Ontario easier. 

About Exilion Technologies Inc

  • Found date: 2008
  • Address: 3 – 1136 Centre Street Suite 626, Thornhill, ON, Canada, L4J 3M8
  • Company Size: 10 – 49 
  • Contact: (+1) 647 – 598 – 1818 & Email – sales@exilion.com 

Features of Exilion Technologies Inc

Exilion Technologies Inc is known for its expertise in using advanced technologies to drive business transformation. Their services span from digital strategy and consulting to the development of sophisticated blockchain and AI solutions. However, the features of Exilion Technologies Inc. are:

Software Development

They’re really good at making software that fits just right with what your business needs. This means your work gets easier and more efficient.

Cloud Services

Exilion helps you move to the cloud, making your business more flexible and ready to grow. It’s all about making sure you can scale up without a hassle.


Keeping your business safe online is a big deal for them. They put a lot of effort into protecting your data security and making sure you’re safe from hackers.


  • Custom software makes your business run smoother.
  • Their cloud services help your business stay modern and flexible.
  • They take data protection seriously, so you’re safe from cyber threats.
  • Their team knows how to handle a variety of projects.


  • Their focus on advanced tech solutions might be expensive.
  • Sometimes, they might choose to work on bigger projects first.

Other 7 Blockchain Companies in Ontario

Ontario is becoming a big deal in the blockchain world. Lots of companies there are doing awesome things with it. They’re not just following a trend. But, they’re really digging into how blockchain can make different jobs easier and safer.

However, each of the 7 companies mentioned below has its own cool idea, from making payments safer to keeping track of stuff better. They’re showing that blockchain can do a lot more than just handle money. So, lets check out their details.

4. Local SEO Search

Local SEO Search

Started in 2013, Local SEO Search isn’t just about getting your business noticed online; they also use blockchain to make sure everything’s safe and sound. They’re stepping up their game in Ontario by mixing SEO with blockchain, making businesses safer and more visible online. This move puts them on the map as a key player among Ontario’s blockchain experts.

About Local SEO Search

  • Found date: 2013
  • Address: 210 Simcoe Street Unit 2109, Toronto, Ontario M5T0A9
  • Company Size:
  • Contact: +1 416 888 8756 & Email – info@localseosearch.ca 

5. Canadian Software Agency Inc

Canadian Software Agency Inc

Since 2007, Canadian Software Agency Inc. has been all about building software that businesses can rely on, including blockchain technologies. They’re helping Ontario companies by creating blockchain apps that are not just secure but can grow with your business.

Moreover, they’ve earned their stripes as a leading blockchain developer in Ontario, showing just how blockchain can work wonders for you.

About Canadian Software Agency Inc

  • Found date: 2007 
  • Address: 1 Concorde Gate, North York, M3C 3N6, ON Canada 
  • Company Size: 251 – 500 
  • Contact: +1 888 949 1232, Email – sales@candaian.agency 

6. Hilo Labs

Hilo Labs

Hilo Labs, kicking things off in 2017, dives deep into high-tech, especially blockchain. They make apps and contracts that don’t just follow trends but set them, making them a standout in Ontario’s blockchain scene. Their work is proof that blockchain is growing rapidly.

About Hilo Labs

  • Found date: 2017 
  • Company Size:  hello@hilolabs.com 
  • Contact: 647 – 370 – 2430 

7. Roonyx


Roonyx started in 2010 with one clear goal: to create custom software just for you, and that includes blockchain stuff too. They’re all about using blockchain to make businesses run smoother and safer.

Their approach puts them among Ontario’s go-to blockchain developers, showing that blockchain isn’t just for the big players.

About Roonyx

  • Found date: 2010 
  • Address: 7901 4th St N, STE 300, St. Petersburg, FL 33792, USA
  • Company Size: 11 – 50 
  • Contact: (123) 4567890

8. Synergo Group

Synergo Group

Synergo Group has been on the scene since 2005, crafting software solutions with a particular focus on blockchain lately.

However, they make blockchain apps that are easy to use and really secure, marking their spot as top-notch blockchain innovators in Ontario. Their work is a clear sign that blockchain is shaping up to be Ontario’s next big thing.

About Synergo Group

  • Found date: 2005
  • Address: The Exchange Tower, P.O Box 427, 130 King Street West, Suite 1800, Toronto, Ontario M5X 1E3, Canada 
  • Company Size: 51 – 100 
  • Contact: +1 (647) 560 – 4412 & Email – info@synergogroup.net 

9. Technorely Inc.

Technorely Inc.

Technorely Inc., founded in 2018, zeroes in on healthcare and finance solutions powered by blockchain. They’re all about using blockchain to keep data safe and sound, making them a key name in Ontario’s blockchain world. Their focus shows how blockchain is changing the game in specialized fields.

About Technorely Inc.

  • Found date: 2018 
  • Address: 625 Como Lake Ave, Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Company Size: 51 – 200 
  • Contact: +1 (778) 325 – 2991 & Email – info@technorely.com 

10. Roobinium


Roobinium kicked off in 2019 with a single aim: to help businesses get all the good stuff from blockchain. They offer everything from blockchain advice to building and starting up blockchain systems.

However, their innovative approach is making waves in Ontario’s digital economy. They are proving that blockchain is here to stay and grow.

About Roobinium

  • Found date: 2019 
  • Address: 89 McGill St #2003, Toronto, ON M5B 0B1, Canada 
  • Company Size: 11 – 50 
  • Contact: +1 (437) 263 – 4467 & Email – hey@roobinium.ca 

What to Consider When Choosing a Blockchain Company in Ontario?

What to Consider When Choosing a Blockchain Company in Ontario

When choosing a blockchain company in Ontario, it’s key to find one that matches your project’s needs perfectly. Here are some essential factors to keep in mind:

Experience and Expertise

Look for a company with a strong background in blockchain technology. It’s important they have experience working in various industries, as this means they’re likely equipped to handle challenges similar to yours. A peek at their portfolio can offer insights into their skills and past successes.

Range of Services

The variety of services a company provides is also crucial. You want a partner that goes beyond just basic blockchain development. Look for a firm offering a full range of services, including consultancy, custom development, and support after your project launches. This ensures they can support every aspect of your blockchain journey.

Technology and Innovation

Being up-to-date with the latest technology and innovations in blockchain is vital. Choose a company that uses the newest tools and platforms to make sure your solution is effective, secure, and can grow with your needs. A commitment to innovation means they’re always looking for new ways to improve your project.

Customer Support and Education

Great customer support and a focus on educating their clients about blockchain are important traits in a partner. They should be willing to guide you through every stage of your project, answer any questions, and help you understand blockchain technology better.

Cost and Transparency

Finally, clear information about pricing is essential. Look for a company that offers upfront cost details and provides contracts that outline all project expenses. This transparency helps build trust and ensures a smooth partnership without any financial surprises down the line.

Choose the Leading Blockchain Company in Ontario

Choose the Leading Blockchain Company in Ontario

Choosing Webisoft means you’re picking the top blockchain company in Ontario. We’re known for making blockchain work smoothly for all sorts of projects. Here’s why we’re the best choice for you.

Webisoft’s Experience and Expertise

Webisoft has a lot of experience with blockchain. We know the technology inside and out, making us reliable. Our team has seen it all, which means we can handle whatever blockchain project you throw our way.

Cutting-edge Solutions

Webisoft stays ahead with the latest blockchain tech. We create smart, secure solutions custom-made to fit your needs, big or small. This keeps you ahead in your field, too.

Customer-centric Approach

You’re always the focus with Webisoft. We really listen to what you need and modify our blockchain solutions to match. This ensures the end result aligns perfectly with your business goals.

Transparent and Fair Pricing

With Webisoft, you won’t get any pricing surprises. We’re upfront about costs, which helps you plan your budget without any guesswork. This transparency is a breath of fresh air in the tech world.

Strong Support System

Even after your blockchain solution is up and running, Webisoft sticks around to help. We offer strong support for any questions or issues, keeping things running smoothly.

Final Note

And that’s the end of our guide on “blockchain development company in Ontario.”

Ontario’s scene for blockchain development is full of action, with companies doing amazing things with this technology. They’re making systems for safe and open transactions and changing how industries work, from finance to supply chains.

These companies show that Ontario is not just part of the blockchain wave; it’s leading it. With each company bringing something unique to the table, the possibilities are endless.

However, if you’re thinking about using blockchain for your business, Webisoft can help. We’re here to turn your ideas into reality with blockchain technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a blockchain company?

A blockchain company builds technologies that make transactions safe and open. They work on systems that don’t need a middleman, making things like money transfers clear and straightforward.

Does blockchain work in Ontario?

Yes, blockchain is up and running in Ontario. Various businesses are using it to keep their data secure, make their operations smoother, and ensure everything is out in the open, from small startups to big companies.

What industries can benefit from hiring a blockchain development company in Ontario?

Various industries can benefit from blockchain technology, including finance and banking, healthcare, supply chain and logistics, real estate, legal, government and public records, and more. A blockchain development company in Ontario can provide solutions that enhance transparency, security, and efficiency within these sectors.



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