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Our Projects

Webisoft is digital transformation and product development consulting firm with a core of marketing, design, sales and software developement expertise.

Webisoft Projects

Webisoft has worked with some incredible people!

We are a full-service development agency doing Web, app and complex software development. We also know a thing or two about conversion optimization, SEO, growth hacking and content marketing. We see technology as a tool for growth and efficiency. Let's build products together.

  • Styllar

    A revolutionary NFT avatar project inspired by popular culture.

    Styllar is an NFT marketplace built upon the Terra blockchain platform for NFT avatars. The overall design, functionality, and usability are so optimized that Styllar got nominated for the “Website of the day” on Awwwards.

  • Maxa AI
    Maxa AI

    Know the future: Accurate business & financial forecasting, at scale.

    Maxa AI is ERP financial intelligence using powerful AI analytics.

  • Choreography Online
    Choreography Online

    Buy a choreography for the season, or for any reason

    Choreography Online is an online platform that sells performance rights for dance choreography on behalf of choreographers all over the world.

  • Bidxpert

    Access to the best vehicle auctions in Quebec

    BidXpert provides a simplified auction platform to buy and sell preowned cars for the network of car dealerships. The BidXpert is developed to meet the specific needs that the client wanted to work as the core functionalities. Now the Bidxpert is rising as whole trading, resale, and marketing platform for preowned cars on auction.

  • Edigo

    Create, Share, Impress!

    Edigo is built to empower teachers by simplifying the creation of educational material. Plus, the availability of marketplace inside Edigo enables them to sell their artwork to other users on the platform. To make this vivid vision a reality; quick and smooth user onboarding with optimized UX played a major role in the rapid growth of Edigo.

  • Genium 360
    Genium 360

    Connecting the Engineering Community.

    Genium360 is a membership platform built for engineering professionals and students. The functionalities on offer span across job boards, training/certification courses, employers networks, and engineering surveys etc.

  • Proprio Direct
    Proprio Direct

    Proprio Direct is the Synonym of Real Estate in Quebec

    Proprio Direct, a well-known name in the real estate industry in Quebec. Proprio Direct stands out with its unique offering of choice that allows sellers to sell on their own or with a broker. Their unique offering of whether the property will get sold or the listing remains free for the seller, which makes it a no-brainer solution for sellers as well as buyers.