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IoT Development Services

Building IoT Solutions for Businesses and Startups

Our vast range of IoT solutions is only limited by the scope of your imagination.

IoT development services
Discovering IoT

What is the "Internet of Things" (IoT)

By 2025 it is estimated that more than 75 billion devices will be connected to the internet which roughly means seven connected devices for every individual alive at that time. There will be a world covered with billions of sensors that will continuously pick the information from real physical objects around us and upload it to the internet. It's a world where your surrounding environment will respond and transform based on your customized preferences as you walk through it.
  • Better use of data
    Better use of data
    Companies have so much of historically collected data in place that has never been utilised for any processes. With the introduction of IoT in connected devices, companies can leverage that data in infinite ways for their own good.
  • Autonomous Machinery
    Autonomous Machinery
    Reducing human effort and replacing with some smart machinery has always been the priority for many companies. That very well translates into reducing costs, higher efficiency with a little to no supervision.
  • Data Collection
    Data Collection
    The data is power and the more data a company has is better. It is not a hidden truth that more information helps to make better decisions. With the use of beacons and sensors, the IoT enabled companies collect insightful data that helps in better train their devices.
How we crush it

Why Choose Webisoft for IoT Development Service?

We develop and link the devices and applications to fully adapt your existing system and processes. Since IoT is an evolving technology, it is better to have an expert IoT consultant on your side. And this is where Webisoft shines by enabling you communicating directly with an expert IoT consultant and a dedicated full stack developer from the beginning.

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    Agile development model
    We adopt an agile development approach for all our development services whether it is mobile app development or IoT. With an end-to-end agile development process, it is easier to integrate our experts with your existing development team.
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    Native and cross-platform app development

    Our team of full-stack developers is well capable of developing cross-platform as well as native applications for IoT devices.

Why choose Webisoft
Industries we serve

Industries We Build Notable IoT Apps For

We are actively serving most of the industries when it comes to the Internet of Things development. Here are some of the industries where IoT is booming:
  • Home Automation
    Home Automation
    • Appliance Automation
    • Light Control
    • Security Apps
  • Wearables
    • Smart Glasses
    • Smart Watches
    • Smart Rings
  • Industrial Work
    Industrial Work
    • Connected Manufacturing
    • Operational Automation
    • Predictive Equipment Maintenance
  • Healthcare
    • Clinical Wearables
    • Improved Communication
    • Health Track
  • Retail
    • Smart Store Checkout
    • Connected Consumer
    • Supply-chain Automation
  • Automobile
    • Predictive Diagnosis
    • Crash Response
    • Intelligent Autonomous Driving
  • Aviation
    • Hyper-personalization
    • Operational Efficiency
    • Monitoring
  • Smart Buildings & Cities
    Smart Buildings & Cities
    • Resource Mapping
    • Connected Streets
    • Traffic Monitoring
Our Services

Our IoT Development Solutions

We are a team of senior full-stack developers committed to providing the best of our expertise from API integration, cloud to cloud integration, and custom IoT app development.
  • IoT Consulting
    IoT Consulting
    Get top-notch subject expert IoT specialists to analyze and create a strategic roadmap for your IoT project.
  • IoT App Development
    IoT App Development
    We also develop custom software and applications for IoT projects that work seamlessly with the device hardware.
  • IoT Testing and Validation
    IoT Testing and Validation

    We do thorough testing of IoT devices and software that requires a unique set of skills and expertise.

  • Firmware development
    Firmware development
    Contextual advertising can be profitable. It can either pay for your hosting and maintenance costs for you website or it can pay for a lot more.
  • Sensor integration
    Sensor integration
    Contextual advertising can be profitable. It can either pay for your hosting and maintenance costs for you website or it can pay for a lot more.
  • Maintenance & updates
    Maintenance & updates
    Contextual advertising can be profitable. It can either pay for your hosting and maintenance costs for you website or it can pay for a lot more.

Our expert IoT consultants are just a click away.

Let's discuss and estimate your next IoT project in-depth.

IoT in action

IoT is already here, and it is here to stay.

It is better to hop on with these early IoT adopters.

  • Amazon Echo - Smart Home

    Amazon Echo - Smart Home

    Amazon Echo is the latest example of IoT device that connects to the voice-controlled intelligent personal assistant service, Alexa. You can ask to play music, or ask to read a book for you, get news/sports updates, weather reports, control your home lighting, and even book Uber for yourself.

  • Fitbit One - Wearables

    Fitbit One - Wearables

    Fitbit One is a device that tracks your activity from steps, distance covered, floors climbed to the sleep quality. It's a wrist wearable device that automatically and wirelessly connects to your smartphone or computer devices to monitor your progress.

  • Barcelona - Smart Cities

    Barcelona - Smart Cities

    This Spanish city of Barcelona is also known as the city of the future. This smart city integrates new technologies into its management system to improve its efficiency and sustainability. Barcelona has implemented a number of notable initiatives in this regard. Projects such as the new grid bus system, electric city bikes, smart car parks, waste management and systems that favour sustainable energy use.

  • AT&T - Connected Car

    AT&T - Connected Car

    With more than 9.5 million connected cars powered by AT&T, it is the first telecom company that brings IoT to their network for connected cars. You don't have to pay for the subscription or any plan to get counted in the fleet of AT&T's connected cars.

  • Drones


    Drones are the perfect example of IoT-enabled devices. Drones aren't just intended for clicking aerial photos for your Instagram. We are using drones for security purposes in the military, which can be used to collect weather and seismic activity, live traffic reporting, and the most recently introduced use of drones by Amazon in the delivery of e-commerce goods.


Frequently Asked Questions

Some frequently asked questions of our clients that we always love to answer.

  • What is IoT and why should we care about it?

    In the most simple words, IoT is the combination of sensor-embedded electronic devices and networks (Internet) for data sharing. Some devices only interact with each other while others connect to the network.

    "Your next refrigerator may know more about your diet than your doctor."

    What do you think about a decade ago, how many personal devices/appliances were connected to the internet to make your life simpler. One or maybe two?

    But today, take a look around and see the things connected to the internet. Your smartphone, personal computer, tablet, gaming console, camera, smart TV, and even your smart refrigerator (if you have one).

    So the world will always be changing due to these sensors and the internet. And we call it the Internet of Things.

  • How IoT can be used in manufacturing industries?

    With the increasing penetration of IoT in businesses for better productivity, automation, expanding the potential market, and lower cost of production. More and more companies are putting their trust into it to manage their processes.

    IoT solutions make a manufacturing unit intelligent while being autonomous.

    A manufacturer needs to cope up with many things such as the supply chain and production cycle. All these things collect lots and lots of data like transactional data, ERP data, CRM data, and other public data. Collectively this data allows a manufacturer to work and operate the unit smoothly and connect with the customers and business partners.

    According to a survey done by Industry Week, more than 40% of manufacturers think that this is the right time to adopt and invest in IoT.

    What IoT could resolve - Machine failure, problems in the control system or getting accurate results from the data.

    • Connected Machinery - With the help of sensors and actuators all the data gathered by the sensors is sent to the cloud for analysis and creating predictive models so that all the machinery works in sync. It also helps in maximizing the machine output by predicting equipment failure and reduce the service cost.
    • Remote Operations - IoT can also help you manage the machines remotely; like, maintaining the temperature limits and other system operations which directly impact and reduce the cost of production.

    IoT is modernizing the way of doing businesses by leveraging sensors, cloud infrastructure, data analytics, and visualization dashboard.

  • What is the use case of IoT in healthcare sector?

    IoMT (Internet of Medical Things) has already started transforming the healthcare industry by improving patient care and communication between doctors and their patients.

    IoMT is one of the largest and fastest-growing segments of healthtech.

    Researchers at the University of Tokyo developed electricity conducting ink that can be used to print circuits on clothing and used to measure heart rate and muscle contraction.

    IoMT technology can also help in emergency situations. If someone has a heart attack or stroke, all the relevant data from the patient's medical history can be sent to the doctor before the ambulance takes the patient to the hospital. Giving doctors a few more crucial minutes to figure out the best and precise treatment possible.

  • What IoT solutions can you provide for our retail chain?

    The IoT market is projected to reach 326 billion dollars in retail revenue opportunity by 2018.

    How IoT can revolutionize the Retail and E-commerce:

    • Automated Checkouts
    • Virtual Experience of products with wearable devices
    • Use of Beacons in the retail industry to combine mobile data collection with hardware by interacting with nearby smartphones.
    • Smart Shelves lets you measure the results of retail execution by analyzing customer behaviour and the buying pattern.
    • IoT in retail brings many solutions from product promotion to customer loyalty. For example, by delivering highly targeted marketing messages to customers at the right time.

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