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When designing an application, whether heavy or web-based, you need an interface that is intuitive, professional and pleasing to the end user of your application. After all, it's the end-user who's going to be using the application on a daily basis, so it might as well be pleasant and easy to use. These are the parameters you absolutely have to think about when embarking on a web project. After all, if you look closely, the major web applications of the moment have seized on the intuitive, user-friendly interface movement to attract web users. So, if you've got a great idea for an application, and you want it to succeed, you need to think about using the technologies and tools that will enable you to offer an optimized, user-oriented interface. A truly professional and experienced web developer will certainly be able to offer you suggestions of this kind, including the use of reactjs, also known as react.js.

Discovering ReactJS

What is ReactJS?

ReactJs or react.js is a JavaScript library created by Facebook for the creation of user interfaces. These interfaces are intended to be reused as often as possible. reactjs is based on the Virtual Dom concept.

Virtual Dom is the revolution that has made ReactJs so successful. The normal DOM is a document, sentence or style represented by a web browser page. Its structure is then represented as a node with a tree-like appearance. The virtual DOM, on the other hand, is a more advanced representation of this DOM, written in JavaScript.

Instead of generating a normal web page with the various aspects, a virtual DOM representing the aspect of the next web page to be displayed is instead created in memory in conjunction with the displayed DOM. In the event of a modification, the virtual DOM compares the web page displayed with the one requested. In the end, it will only modify the part of the virtual DOM that requires modification. It is therefore the final rendering of this virtual DOM that will be displayed to the user calling up the web page.

Obviously, as the virtual Dom is in JavaScript, it's much easier to manipulate than the DOM we've always known. So you can easily make dozens of modifications in a matter of seconds. Which is a real plus when it comes to interacting intuitively with the user. No wonder Facebook has so many users today. Not least thanks to its reactjs-optimized News Feed.

In other words, if you want to offer a user-oriented interface, reactjs, with its new notion of virtual Dom, should be a real companion to help you create your successful application. And if you trust the right web developer, he'll be able to suggest or advise you on how to use it, and even put it to good use.


The benefits of ReactJS

  • Speed
    The Virtual Dom is first and foremost a revolution in the DOM as we know it. It increases the performance of web page rendering. There's no better way for you to reduce the slowness of web page loading than by using the virtual DOM. As mentioned above, it only changes the part to be modified, saving you a lot of time and effort.
  • A highly flexible architecture
    A highly flexible architecture
    Reactjs is divided into components. Each component can be optimized independently to enhance your application's performance. With Reactjs, you can even create your own component and use it as often as you like.
  • Community
    To date, React Js has won over a whole host of developers who use it on a daily basis. Especially since these developers have access to ReactNativejs, enabling them to develop equally powerful mobile applications.
  • Easy to write and understand
    Easy to write and understand
    You can easily create your Reactjs component in Javascript, an easy-to-learn scripting language. Writing Reactjs is very simple and straightforward. This makes React js-based applications easier to maintain. In other words, it's a real boon for all developers who like to deliver great, optimized, customer-oriented applications.

Where to find a good ReactJS developer

There are plenty of developers on the market today who are ready to take on your application development projects. However, working with React js requires a certain amount of experience and expertise, in order to deliver a more enjoyable web experience for your users. The developer, or team of developers you call on, needs to be able to get to grips with your project, so as to bring it to a successful conclusion. Because if there's one way to deliver an intuitive, user-friendly application, it's ReactJs.

So look for a more experienced developer, or an agency with a solid foundation to guide you through your project. Only then will you appreciate the quality of your final application. That's what we offer at Webisoft.
Why us

Why choose Webisoft ?

We can sum up the webisoft team in a few words: proximity, listening, availability, experience, competence, and respect for commitment.

Since its creation, the Webisoft team has supported project owners on large-scale projects. We've brought these projects to fruition, and draw on the experience we've gained from them to deliver an application that far exceeds your expectations. And to achieve this, our experience has also taught us that we need to move forward together with the customer in order to achieve maximum customer satisfaction. That's why we validate each stage of our application's design before moving on to the next. In this way, we ensure that the customer is always satisfied with the end result.

Above all, we are available for any maintenance work after delivery. In fact, all deliveries are made within the deadlines agreed by the customer and our team of web developers.

For all your projects, you now know which team to turn to: Webisoft.
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