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Hire the best developers with Webisoft

Whether it's because you're short of time or because you don't know anything about the subject, it can be very useful to recruit a mobile or web application developer. However, this is not a decision to be taken lightly, as you could be disappointed with the results or receive a botched job. However, this is not a decision to be taken lightly, as you may be disappointed with the results, or receive a shoddy job, so to avoid unpleasant surprises, consider turning to a reputable developer agency.

The importance of targeting your needs

Before you even think about hiring a mobile app developer, you first need to determine what technology you'll be using, your target audience and your needs. Once you have a clear idea of what you need in the way of mobile application software, you'll be able to get a better idea of the developer you're looking for.

Next, ask yourself a few important questions, because you need to bear in mind that every developer has his or her own specialty:

  • Do I need a native or HTML application?
  • Will the developer have to create a mobile application from scratch?
  • Will the developer have to adapt the website to one of the mobile application platforms?
  • Will the developer be hired to optimize an existing application?
Hire the best developers with Webisoft

What is an application developer?

This type of developer is responsible for the technical realization and IT development of mobile applications, smartphones and other tablets. This may involve creating everything that goes to make up the application, or simply adapting the website to one of the platforms and optimizing it.

To accomplish these tasks, the developer has to take into consideration the specifications, take charge of the realization of the particular computer programs, while having to calculate and define the algorithms so that the mobile application can process the data.

In addition, he or she must carry out a number of tests on the application to analyze any evolutions and problems that may arise. In addition, he or she must pay close attention to the constraints imposed by the customer who hired him or her.

In other words, a qualified mobile application developer needs to be rigorous, practical and knowledgeable about the mobile world. They must also master programming languages, be well-informed about current standards (HTML, W3C, etc.) and be constantly on the lookout for new developments.

Taking the time to find a good developer

Now that you know you need a developer for your project, you need to take the time to do the research. Obviously, this is a crucial step, because if you choose the first person you come across, you could end up with someone who won't do the job properly.

To do this, take the time to talk to different agencies or freelance developers, clearly explaining your expectations and budget. This will enable you to compare prices, and don't hesitate to ask them questions to assess their skills.

From the outset, pay particular attention to the person's listening skills. After all, this is the person who will be taking charge of your project, so they need to be very attentive to what you say. So, your discussion should focus on their skills, your needs and your expectations regarding the mobile application to be developed, among other things.
Agency or Freelance

Choosing a freelance or agency developer

Now that you've done a little research to find a competent developer, you know that you have two options: hiring a freelance developer or working for an agency. Each has its advantages and disadvantages.

  • Advantages of the freelance developer
    Advantages of the freelance developer
    • When you contact him, he responds promptly
    • Generally, he can offer you a high level of availability
  • Disadvantages of the freelance developer
    Disadvantages of the freelance developer
    • Chances are high that he or she is not an expert in all technologies.
    • Although hiring a freelance developer is more advantageous in terms of hourly rate, it will require more hours to complete, and will therefore be less profitable in the long term.
    • The project will fall by the wayside if the developer is absent due to illness or leave
  • Advantages of an agency developer
    Advantages of an agency developer
    • You will only be billed for the services requested
    • The project will not be put on hold due to illness or leave, as colleagues will be able to take over from you
  • Disadvantages of an agency developer
    Disadvantages of an agency developer
    • Response time may be longer if the agency has a heavy workload
    • Project cost per hour will be higher than that of a freelance developer

In conclusion

If you have a project that requires the help of a mobile application developer, you should first consider identifying your needs, specifications and the technology to be used. Next, you'll need to search for a developer by contacting agencies or freelancers. At this stage, don't forget to ask for references regarding their previous achievements, which will give you some assurance of receiving quality work. Finally, you'll need to decide whether to trust an independent (freelance) developer or someone working within an agency, basing your decision on your expectations and the budget allocated for the project.

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