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CosmWasm Smart Contracts Development

Creating dApps on secure multi-chain smart contracts.

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Cosmos Development
Discovering CosmWasm

What is CosmWasm?

CosmWasm is a platform built on Cosmos-SDK/Tendermint that enables the development of multi-chain smart contracts. It is specifically designed to be accessible to all blockchain developers. The goal of CosmWasm is to offer a comprehensive toolset for working with smart contracts, which includes a robust development environment, an extensive standard library, and a wide range of tools and documentation.

Discovering Cosmwasm

No Single Chain Lock-in

CosmWasm offers the flexibility to migrate a project from one blockchain to another by establishing a bridge between the two chains. This ensures a smooth transition for your project and eliminates the need for cumbersome and time-consuming migration processes.

As your project expands, you can easily launch a new CosmWasm zone powered by wasmd. This empowers you to experiment with new multi-chain protocols using CosmWasm contracts and enables users to participate in your new blockchain.

Our Services

Our CosmWasm Development Services:

Throughout our journey with CosmWasm, we have successfully utilized it in multiple dApp projects alongside the Cosmos SDK. Its versatility, robust architecture, and extensive library have consistently impressed us.

Our services include:

  • Architecture Design

    Architecture Design

  • Cosmos Integration

    Cosmos Integration

  • Smart Contract Audit

    Smart Contract Audit

  • Custom Contract Development

    Custom Contract Development

Why CosmWasm

Performance. Security. Composition.

— CosmWasm has your back
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    CosmWasm surpasses Ethereum's limited transaction capacity of 30 transactions per second by easily handling several hundred transactions per second. Additionally, CosmWasm's multi-chain structure distributes the workload across connected chains, resulting in lower costs.

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    In contrast to recent and past security breaches, such as the reentrancy attacks on CREAM finance and the Parity MultiSig Hack, which resulted in losses exceeding a billion dollars in ETH, CosmWasm effectively mitigates most types of attacks commonly found in Solidity.

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    With CosmWasm composition, you can significantly enhance the functionality of your smart contract. By combining multiple CosmWasm and Cosmos SDK modules, you gain the ability to create more robust and adaptable contracts.


Frequently Asked Questions

Our excited clients ask a lot of questions (that we love to answer), here are some of the frequent ones.

  • What is the IBC protocol?

    The Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) protocol enables different blockchain networks to communicate with each other. It is based on the concept of "value-added chains," allowing various blockchain networks to interact in a trustless manner. With IBC, different blockchain networks can securely and efficiently exchange value, information, and assets.

  • What is reentrancy in a smart contract?

    Reentrancy refers to the ability of a computer program to remember its position within a program while executing a task. This allows a program to be interrupted in the middle of a task and then resume that task from the point of interruption. In the context of smart contracts, reentrancy refers to the ability of a contract to retain its state across multiple function calls.

  • Do we need to write different smart contracts for Ethereum and Cosmos?

    To ensure compatibility with Cosmos chains like Juno, Terra, and others, you may need to rewrite your Ethereum contract in Rust.

  • Can we hire CosmWasm developers for the short term?

    Yes, you can leverage our pool of expert CosmWasm developers and hire them to supplement your development team.

  • How can I monitor the progress of my CosmWasm project?

    Your dedicated CosmWasm project manager will provide regular updates on progress and changes. They will also oversee the team and project deliverables. For efficient and smooth communication, your project manager will be your main point of contact.

  • Is Cosmos superior to Ethereum?

    Ethereum's network congestion is primarily caused by its reliance on sidechains. In contrast, Cosmos offers a more efficient and cleaner solution. However, if Ethereum improves its scalability, it could potentially match the effectiveness of Cosmos.

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