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With the growing trend for businesses to move their IT infrastructure to cloud. The cloud-based application development is now widely used by enterprises and startups. More than 80% of Fortune 500 companies are powered by AWS cloud infrastructure, including giant technology companies like Reddit, Instagram, Pinterest, and online streaming site Netflix believes in Amazon Web Services as their cloud partner.

"Anything that can solve a problem that you don't have to build yourself - is a good thing." Amazon is doing exactly with its AWS, they have everything (not something) for everyone. When Google and Microsoft with their cloud service moving from SaaS to PaaS and then IaaS. Amazon did it in reverse and nailing it. Taking from IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) to PaaS (Platform as a Service) and SaaS (Software as a Service) all at the same time. With the market share of 47.1%, AWS dominates the public cloud market.

Amazon was the first to bring AWS as EC2/S3, a widely accessible cloud computing infrastructure service. Gone are the days when companies need to set up their own in-house servers and a team to manage and build technology from scratch which requires a good investment of time and resources.

AWS has completely revolutionized the way how companies look at cloud computing now, by removing major roadblocks that companies faced while bringing their data and applications online.

Why Smart Companies prefer AWS for Cloud-based application development:

Flexibility -

You save more time for your core business tasks through the instant availability of new features and services.

Effortless migration of legacy applications without rewriting new technology.

You get a choice in running services and applications. You can choose to run a part of your IT infrastructure in AWS and the remaining in your data centers.

Everyone from big companies to early-stage technology startups is using AWS for their cloud application development.

Cost Effectiveness -

AWS doesn't require any upfront expenditure, investment or long-term commitment. Since AWS cloud services are offered on Pay-As-You-Go (or, pay only for what you use) model, you can scale as much as you want, their servers are there for you to cover.

Minimum Expense - This is a significant advantage of AWS for any business over traditional IT infrastructure where you needed to set everything up from scratch.

Scalability/Elasticity -

Techniques such as auto-scaling and elastic load balancing can automatically scale and balance resources.

Making it ideal for dealing with unpredictable and variable loads.

Without affecting the speed and performance, it scales up the required resources to fulfill the sudden demand and downscale when the demand falls.

Security -

AWS stores critical business data while ensuring confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the user's data.

It assures the security of their global infrastructure and your critical data stored in the cloud.

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Is AWS better or Google or Azure?

All of these comes with pay-as-you-go but the major difference is in their offerings. AWS is the oldest of them all and has the faith of large technology companies with them. That's why we prefer AWS for cloud solutions.

What's better cloud app or web app?

All the cloud apps are web apps but not all the web applications are the cloud. Now applications are largely built upon cloud for high scalability, guaranteed uptime, and lower cost of operations. With cloud-based application development, companies don't need to build and maintain their own stack of technologies and servers.

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