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Cloud App Development Services

Cloud Application Development Solutions

Improve efficiency while reducing the cost of operations with our cloud application development services.

Cloud App Development Services
New Norm

The new norm in IT infrastructure is cloud-based solutions. With the increasing trend of businesses migrating their systems to the cloud, cloud-based application development has become prevalent among both enterprises and startups. In fact, over 80% of Fortune 500 companies rely on AWS cloud infrastructure, including major technology players such as Reddit, Instagram, Pinterest, and Netflix, who have chosen Amazon Web Services as their trusted cloud partner.

There are several advantages to adopting cloud infrastructure:

  • Speed to market
    Speed to market

    Applications built on the cloud can be launched much faster compared to traditional infrastructure models.

  • Pay as you go
    Pay as you go

    Cloud services operate on a pay-as-you-go model, eliminating the need for upfront expenditure, long-term commitments, or significant investments. You only pay for the resources you use.

  • Uninterrupted focus
    Uninterrupted focus

    By entrusting the underlying infrastructure management to Cloud Service Providers (CSPs), developers can fully concentrate on the core aspects of application development without interruptions.

Why Cloud Dev

Why do smart companies prefer cloud-based application development?

  • 1


    • Effortless migration of legacy applications without rewriting new technology.
    • You have the freedom to choose how you run your services and applications. You can opt to run a portion of your IT infrastructure in AWS while keeping the rest in your data centers.
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    • This is a significant advantage of AWS for any business compared to traditional IT infrastructure, where you had to set up everything from scratch.
    • On the cloud, you only pay for the resources you actually use.
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    • Systems like auto-scaling and elastic load balancing are available, automatically adjusting and distributing resources as needed.
    • Cloud platforms are optimized to handle unpredictable and varying workloads.
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    • Reputed cloud service providers prioritize security, ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of critical business data.
    • They guarantee the security of their global infrastructure and the critical data stored in the cloud.
Our Services

Our cloud application development services include:

  • Managed Services
    Managed Services

    We take care of your cloud with our managed services, which encompass AWS monitoring and management, AWS infrastructure management, DevOps automation, cost optimization, and resource planning.

  • AWS Web Applications Development
    AWS Web Applications Development

    We specialize in deploying cloud-native custom web applications for enterprises that require a tailored solution or already have a legacy app.

  • AWS Mobile Application
    AWS Mobile Application

    For mobile app development, AWS offers a wide range of features and benefits, including database storage, content delivery, high-performance computing, and other functionalities.

  • AWS Enterprise Application
    AWS Enterprise Application

    We provide solutions to enterprises with custom applications hosted on the AWS cloud.

  • Cloud-based SaaS Development
    Cloud-based SaaS Development

    Given that SaaS products are designed to scale, we offer cloud-based app deployment for SaaS platforms/products.

  • AWS Consulting
    AWS Consulting

    We offer AWS cloud consulting to business teams in need of an AWS expert for their app deployment or management.

  • AWS Migration Support
    AWS Migration Support

    As more organizations migrate their app deployment to the cloud, we ensure a seamless migration of legacy apps to the AWS cloud.

  • Cost and Resource Tracking
    Cost and Resource Tracking

    We track the cost and resource usage at each level of AWS, both at the asset and group levels.

Clients Speak

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Pascal Goovaerts

"Our experience of working with Webisoft was flawless. Whenever we brought our product for further iterations they show no hiccups."


Frequently asked questions

  • Is AWS better than Google Cloud and Microsoft's Azure?

    While all three offer pay-as-you-go models, the key differences lie in their offerings. AWS, being the oldest and trusted by large technology companies, is the go-to choice for high-performance computing over the cloud.

    Amazon's AWS provides comprehensive cloud solutions for everyone. Unlike Google and Microsoft, who transitioned from SaaS to PaaS and then IaaS, Amazon took the reverse approach and excelled at it. They seamlessly transitioned from IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) to PaaS (Platform as a Service) and SaaS (Software as a Service) simultaneously. With a commanding market share of 47.1%, AWS dominates the public cloud market.

    Amazon was the pioneer in introducing AWS as EC2/S3, a widely accessible cloud computing infrastructure service. Gone are the days when companies had to establish their own in-house servers and assemble a team to manage and develop technology from scratch, which required significant investments of time and resources.

    AWS has revolutionized how companies perceive cloud computing by eliminating major obstacles that hindered the process of bringing data and applications online.

  • When considering operational cost, which is better: a cloud-hosted app or a self-hosted app?

    While all cloud apps are web apps, not all web applications are hosted in the cloud. Nowadays, applications are mostly built on the cloud due to its advantages such as high scalability, guaranteed uptime, and lower operating costs. With cloud-based application development, companies no longer need to build and maintain their own technology stack and servers. If you have a very limited number of users, self-hosted apps may suffice. However, in every other aspect, cloud hosting has the upper hand.

    By opting for cloud hosting, you can save valuable time for your core business tasks through instant access to new features and services.

  • Can I scale, migrate, or enhance my cloud-based application later?

    Absolutely! The cloud infrastructure is designed to handle projects that require high computing power. It's optimized with systems like elastic load balancing, which allow it to scale up resources seamlessly during periods of high demand without compromising speed and performance. And when the demand decreases, it automatically downscales.

    When it comes to migrating and enhancing applications developed on the cloud, you won't need to make significant changes. You can always improve your application directly on the cloud.

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