NFT Marketplace Developement

NFT Marketplace Development

We create OpenSea-level NFT marketplaces that your users will love. Build with us on Ethereum, Polygon, Cosmos and many others.


With the introduction of ERC-721, the era of NFTs was born. One of the most promising concepts for NFT token development is the creation of a marketplace dedicated to trading these tokens on decentralized platforms.

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    NFT Launchpad

    Our marketplace offers a separate page where creators can list and mint their digital assets with complete transparency and credibility.
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    As the number of blockchain-based networks continues to grow, it becomes crucial for smart contracts to communicate with each other. NFT interoperability allows for seamless asset transfers between different blockchains.
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    Through Smart Contracts, developers have the ability to enforce specific characteristics such as a limited supply of NFTs. These scarcity traits, once launched, make each digital asset truly unique and unalterable.


We work closely with our clients in identifying how these capabilities of blockchain can be used for their industries. We offer blockchain solutions to both startup and entreprise. Blockchain applications can be both mobile apps or desktop applications. We work on most popular blockchain platform.



Marketplace built upon the Terra blockchain platform for NFT avatars.


We are thrilled to announce that Styllar now boasts over 10,000 listed avatar NFTs, along with thousands more NFTs that users can utilize to create their own custom avatars. Styllar operates seamlessly, offering advanced features such as NFT fusion and composable NFTs.

Our Styllar development solutions are built on solid foundations while remaining simple and highly customizable.

  1. 1. Rapid Development:
    Given the rapid growth of the NFT space, Styllar required a fast turnaround time. We understand that time-to-market plays a crucial role in the success or failure of any NFT project. Our developers are well aware of this importance.
  2. 2. Experienced Team:
    With the inclusion of online cryptocurrency payment methods and complex, unprecedented use cases, Styllar needed expert NFT developers who possess experience in building numerous NFT projects from scratch.
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    Extended Team

    If you already have a team of developers or tech managers, you can hire our expert NFT developers to work alongside them. This allows you to keep everything in sync with your core dev team while benefiting from the expertise of our team.
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    Dedicated Team

    Choose our dedicated team option to have a full team of NFT developers assigned to your project. A senior project manager will be responsible for ensuring all deliverables are met, and you will have direct communication with them. This gives you a clear commanding view of the project.
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    Project Based

    If you prefer, you can hire us to handle your project from start to finish, including ongoing maintenance and management. Our team is experienced in managing projects comprehensively, ensuring smooth execution from beginning to end.
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    Advanced Token Search

    The token search functionality should be robustly developed, allowing users to sort and filter tokens based on features and genres such as art, meme, real estate, games, music, videos, etc.
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    Bidding Functionality

    Similar to an art auction e-commerce project, our NFT marketplace allows sellers to sell their digital assets through a bidding option with a reserve pricing cap.

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    Reviews & Ratings

    Just like Amazon's e-commerce platform, reviews and ratings play a crucial role in determining the credibility of sellers and their artworks in NFT marketplaces.
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    Wallet Integration

    To ensure the safety of funds, users need a secure place to store and receive their purchased NFTs. Our well-developed marketplace provides a connected "native" wallet option, eliminating the need for users to sign up and connect external wallets initially.
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    NFT Listing

    We prioritize a frictionless listing creation process for users on our platform. Any obstacles during this process can significantly impact conversions. To ensure smooth listing creation, we have a dedicated launchpad page where users can easily add their file item and provide necessary information such as title, description, and tags to complete the listing.
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    Listing Status

    We provide users with clear and transparent information about the verification and confirmation process of their listed collectibles. This allows them to track their progress and know exactly where they stand in the listing process.
How much does it cost to develop an NFT marketplace app?

The cost of developing and running an NFT marketplace app depends on factors such as the blockchain it is built upon and the features included in the marketplace. To provide an accurate estimate, we need to evaluate your requested features. Please connect with us using the form below.

What blockchain platforms and NFT standards do you work on?
Our developers specialize in Solidity and Rust and deploy on CosmWasm (Cosmos SDK), Ethereum Layer 1 and Layer 2 (Polygon). We work with standards such as ERC-721 and ERC-1155.
How will I monitor the progress of my NFT project development?
You will have a dedicated NFT expert project manager who will oversee the entire project and maintain communication with you. Your project manager will handle reporting updates, tracking deliverables, managing feature requests or changes, and ensuring efficient communication throughout the process.
Can you develop an NFT marketplace like OpenSea, Rarible, or Veve?
Each marketplace has its own strengths and weaknesses. If you want us to replicate the development of any of these platforms, such as OpenSea, Rarible, Veve, or SuperRare, our developers are fully capable of building one from scratch. Additionally, our NFT consultants can provide analysis-backed suggestions to customize the features of your desired marketplace.
How long does it take to develop an NFT marketplace?
We understand the importance of time to market in the NFT industry. Our specially designed rapid development methodology allows us to launch projects faster than other NFT development agencies. While the timeline depends on the specific customizations you require, as a rough estimate, you can expect a turnaround time of 2 to 3 months for development.

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