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CosmWasm Smart Contracts Development

We specialize in developing dApps with secure, multi-chain smart contracts on Cosmos SDK-based chains such as Injective, Cosmos, and Secret Network, utilizing CosmWasm and Rust for robust functionality.


CosmWasm is a framework in Rust built on Cosmos-SDK/Tendermint that enables the development of multi-chain smart contracts. The goal of CosmWasm is to offer a comprehensive toolset for working with smart contracts, which includes a robust development environment, an extensive standard library, and a wide range of tools and documentation.

CosmWasm smart contracts excel in speed and security, allowing seamless migrations between blockchains without being locked into a single chain. This flexibility facilitates quick and secure transitions, avoiding complex and lengthy migration processes

Throughout our journey with CosmWasm, we have successfully utilized it in multiple dApp projects alongside the Cosmos SDK. Its versatility, robust architecture, and extensive library have consistently impressed us. Our services include:
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    CosmWasm significantly outperforms Ethereum by managing several hundred transactions per second, far exceeding Ethereum's capacity of approximately 30 transactions per second.

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    CosmWasm provides robust security measures that effectively mitigate many of the attack vectors commonly exploited in Solidity contracts.

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    With CosmWasm composition, you can significantly enhance the functionality of your smart contract. By combining multiple CosmWasm and Cosmos SDK modules, you gain the ability to create more robust and adaptable contracts.
Do we need to write different smart contracts for Ethereum and Cosmos?

To ensure compatibility with Cosmos chains you may need to rewrite your Ethereum contract in Rust. Some Cosmos based chain now support both Solidity and CosmWasm.

Where can I find the CosmWasm documentation?

You can find the CosmWasm documentation on their official documentation website. This site provides comprehensive information, including getting started guides, tutorials, and detailed references for developers.

Is CosmWasm superior to Solidity?

CosmWasm is often considered superior to Solidity due to its robust multi-chain compatibility, facilitated by the Cosmos ecosystem’s Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) protocol, allowing deployment across various chains without modification. It leverages Rust, offering safety and performance enhancements over Solidity, with compile-time checks that reduce common bugs and vulnerabilities. This, combined with optimized execution speed and resource efficiency, makes CosmWasm a compelling choice for blockchain development.

What is the difference between CosmWasm and Cosmos SDK

CosmWasm and Cosmos SDK are both part of the Cosmos ecosystem but serve different purposes. The Cosmos SDK is a framework for building blockchains and includes pre-built modules for various functions, while CosmWasm is a smart contract platform that allows the deployment of contracts on those blockchains.

Are CosmWasm developpers hard to find?

Finding developers skilled in CosmWasm can be challenging due to its niche position within the Cosmos ecosystem and the use of Rust, a language less commonly used for blockchain development compared to Solidity. As a result, the pool of experienced CosmWasm developers is smalle. Alternatively you can contact us.

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