10 Profound E-Commerce Ux Design Techniques Of Freelance Designers

The last decade of ecommerce presents an ideal opportunity for not only electronic trade from businesses to buyers, but also has proven to be an instrumental catalyst in online auctions and user-to-user sales platforms. E-Commerce systems today include wide range of services, including but not limited to e-banking, commercial operations and numerous other things which customers are using rigorously on a daily basis.

The Impact of Design for E-Commerce

Competition in the current era has become fierce, margins of errors have shrunk, and the weightage of user experience has increased multifold. The success of an e-commerce activity depends on several factors, chiefly these 3:

  • The quality of the products or services being offered.
  • The quality of the content broadcasting the products or services being offered. 
  • The effectiveness and quality of the design for the electronic platform.

So, we can comprehend that the role of UX design is immensely significant.

The Role Of UX

It is important for freelance designers to correctly understand the role of UX. Of course, selling a quality product or service once via the website or application is essential, but it is just the bare minimum. The current trick of the trade is designing the kind of user experience that makes them keep coming back for more. This can only be achieved once the expected levels of customer’s satisfaction are being— rather exceeded.

Positive user experience holds the key when it comes to retaining customers. In the mega dynamic field of e-commerce, the four vital aspects of a good UX design are:

  • Desirability

This part of UX is about getting the look and feel right, which can help in making the experience memorable, enjoyable, and repeatable.

  • Utility

It is based on the nature of the product or service being offered. It should be designed o best facilitate customers in browsing products as per their needs and choosing the best among the alternatives.

  • Usability 

This is about the journey of customers when they are in buying mode. As a freelance designer you are always looking to make the customer journey clear and easy, without unnecessary and annoying delays.

  • Accessibility

Freelance designers have to create designs which cater to and can be easily used by different segments/ categories of users. The customer segmentation needs to effective in order to ensure various segments are targeted, reached and converted.

10 Profound E-Commerce UX Design Techniques

Landing Pages for SEO

The present digital world is about attracting users worldwide who are in search of a particular product or service. By connecting the user’s search terms from search engines like Google or Yahoo to specific landing pages, e-commerce businesses can grow their traffic and conversions multifold. Once smartly done SEO brings users to your brand’s landing page, the work you have done as a designer plays a huge role in making the user stay or leave.

Stationary company Papier does this extremely well with a page specifically designated for wedding invitations that appear in Google search results.

Landing Pages for SEO

Brand Positioning

Visitors are normally quite quick in building up their perceptions about websites. It has been estimated that they form their first impression of a homepage in as few as 50 milliseconds. As a freelance designer you must always be striving to grab the user’s attention by promptly depicting what the business sells through your design, and where exactly it fits in the overall market.

Calls to Action

When the visitors come to your website, it is highly advisable to greet them with timely content and specific CTAs (Call to Action).  A large banner image that instantly grabs attention and indicates to the current season sale can act as an effective CTA.

Sophie and Trey, for example, have integrated a CTA in their homepage banner. Paired with an attractive collage, they have used the cold season’s (fall/winter) timing to create an urge to buy in the user.

Using Demographics

Thoroughly studying the target audience is important if you want to create a quality user experience for your customers. Demographics like age, gender, preferences help you understand who you’re communicating with through your design; that knowledge helps you tailor your designs accordingly. Customers like personalized approaches as they make them feel special; by understanding your customers, you can easily come up with a design and framework that can create a WOW experience for your valued customers.

Display of Stock Status

The stock status of your product is extremely important, and the way a brand deals with out of stock products tells a lot about their strategy and tact. For instance, if your product is currently not available, be clear and open about it, rather than hiding it. As a designer, you must make sure to design it in a friendly and straightforward way, using both clear cut text, visuals and colors, the way it is done in the example below:

Display of Stock Status

The above example is of Black Milk Clothing. The brand makes it crystal clear for their visitors regarding the status of the product’s stock.

Sticky Header Navigation

The ultimate aim of every e-commerce business is to make the lives of their visitors easy. Navigation on your site should be smooth. Visitors are always looking at different sections of your site to find the product, having a stick header helps them in going back to the page and search the relevant item as opposed to going all the way back for carrying out search. 

“Add to Cart” Option (Moving)

While the visitors navigate through the product page, a moving, and floating Add to Cart button can be an effective tool in facilitating the customers through their buying process. This helps customers shop conveniently and keep track of their selected items.

On-Site Search Box

It seems quite normal to have an on-site search box, but surprisingly many sites don’t use this. According to Invesp, around 60% of online buys are not impulsive. People know what they are looking for, and facilitating them search an item through your on-site search box can help them in their hunt and help you win the customer for life.

Multiple Angled View of the Product

There have been numerous instances when customers buy a product and later discover it has unwanted designs/features. This happens when there is solo angle view of the product. Therefore, to avoid this, allow your customer to have multiple angled views of your product. This helps them in having a better view of the product before buying them.

Don’t Just Emphasize the First Page

It is highly recommended that you should not just focus on the first page. All pages (about us, contact us, etc.) of your site are relevant for the growth of your business. Lack of focus on properly developing each page can disappoint the customers when they browse your website to learn more about your business. There is no harm is portraying amazing design on the display page, but you should also maintain that throughout your website.

Don’t Just Emphasize the First Page

Joules, for example, beautifully tell their brand story on their About Us page. Keeping a minimalistic approach, they pair their text with visuals in such a way that the user is convinced to buy from them and be part of their community.

Wrapping Up:

Freelance designers who pay minute attention to user experience and stick to a standard set of e-commerce UX design principles can definitely stand out among others. As designers working in a constantly changing field, it is significant that you develop an understanding of the timeless design principles that underpin everything we do.

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