Clone Any Android App

A copy of the application on your phone can be useful to create additional accounts, social networks, or messenger, to separate work and personal accounts. App Cloner for Android not only creates additional applications but also allows them to apply to individual settings. App works outrageously simple: you have to install App Cloner, open it and enter the program, a copy of which must be made. If you choose, you can customize the icon that will be displayed for a cloned version: to reflect or rotate it, change the color.

After that, the original application, and a copy of it can be used freely and independently. Clones displaying individual icons in the menu when you start requesting permission and require a username and password – the same as the original application. Unfortunately, some programs can not be cloned. These include almost all of the official application for access to Google services, Snapchat, WhatsApp and others.

The main functions of App Cloner available free of charge. To gain access to additional features, you need to pay $4 through the built-in purchase.

Full version is able to:

  • replace the icons copies of the application;
  • create multiple clones;
  • replace the icons of widgets and launcher;
  • disable startup applications;
  • move applications and their clones on the stick;
  • to set access rights for clones;
  • easy to create backups of applications;
  • clone applications and dials on the Android devices.
App Cloner also allows you to use Google Maps in clones and supports multi-mode smartphones LG and Samsung.

When used with ART can be set for individual applications its own proxy settings, turn off the creation of the files on a mobile device, disable or clear cache, password-protect applications that run in their sandbox mode and incognito, to set the desired language and font.

When using App Cloner, you can forget about the inconvenience to numerous accounts, additional users (you can allow the use of clones in a guest mode) and finally divide the work and personal lives.

You can get your App Cloner for Android here.