7 Unusual Ways To Use Trello Organizing Service In Everyday Life

In every person’s life, there are tasks that require clear planning and phased implementation. Repair, job search, an organization of wedding, travel preparation, writing a book or a script – Trello will help you handle all these and many other situations, which we describe in this article.

The main essence of this application is a convenient organization of information in the form of individual cards, which form the columns on the desktop category. But do not think that Trello is intended for entrepreneurs and managers. It’s so user-friendly and flexible service that can be used for virtually any issues. Here are some examples of unusual Trello appliance.


Imagine that you have to study some totally new to your area of expertise, such as the use of Photoshop or programming frameworks. Initially, falls on you is the amount of new information that it can simply drown. Create a new board in Trello seem very inconsistent, dedicated to your training, and structures all incoming information with it. Add up all the books to study in one column, training videos – in the other, and feature articles – in the third. As the development of all the cards will be moved to the section traveled, where at any time they can get to repeat.

Job Search

Search for a job you need to skillfully and Trello help you with this. If you are actively involved in this process, it can be easy to get lost among those to whom you sent the resume, you who responded and who has already appointed an interview. But a mistake in this matter can be very expensive. Just rewound for each potential employer a separate card in Trello and move its columns as answers. If necessary, create a reminder and Trello notifies you in advance about the upcoming interview.

List of goals and desires (bucket list)

There is a fashionable theory that the recorded or visualized desire to have a greater chance of execution. If you have so many ideas that you can not deal with them, then Trello help you with this. Distribute your “Wishlist” categories, attach colorful pictures, set the date of execution, and perhaps even provide responsibly.


The saying “One repair is three fires and the five crossings” is groundless. But only for those people who are not used to Trello planning. It costs you only make a special board on which you can first organize all your design ideas, then determine the phasing of the work, and then keep the contacts of all building materials stores and engaged employees how everything will fall into place.

Travel Planning

For travel organizations usually need to collect and process vast amounts of information. Tickets, maps, documents, a list of necessary things, local customs, sights and culinary specialties – all this to keep in mind is simply impossible. Therefore, it is necessary to use Trello to organize this information. All the more so thanks to mobile apps for iOS and Android, it will always be at your fingertips.


If you need to write a report, article, scientific work, the study, the first place where you should go – it Trello. Create a new board, and then add back links, quotes, illustrations, the evidence found and the primary sources. Here you can easily organize the information gathered the most convenient way and not lose sight of even the smallest details necessary for your work. In addition, you can connect to the collecting and processing information of other people that will come in handy when the collective creativity.


The word “event” sounds a bit officious, but that it is commonly referred to weddings, birthdays, themed gatherings and other events pleasing our heart. Their organization sometimes requires considerable effort and long-term training, so take on arms Trello. Here you will be able to come up with a program to prepare the menu, the guest list to coordinate, make a list of necessary purchases. All in one place, it is clear and clearly laid out on shelves.

Based on Lifehacker materials

And do you use Trello? If so, for what purpose?